About Us

Education-Focused Approach

We believe in empowering our patients by providing clear explanations and involving them in their treatment decisions.

Comprehensive Services

You visit a dentist to be taken care of, not to be sent around the city for follow-up appointments again and again. We offer a full range of treatments under one roof for your convenience.


Visiting us is more than a routine trip to the dentist. We make sure of that by offering a number of amenities, making the experience feel less like a doctor’s appointment and more like a self-care retreat. You won’t walk into a sterile office. Instead, our interior is a warm, inviting space that fits right into the historic Morningside Heights neighborhood. 

Once inside, we put you at ease with kind, welcoming staff and kid-friendly surroundings. While you wait for your appointment, you can grab a drink at our beverage bar, which is stocked with hot or cold drinks to suit your preference. For patients who are still nervous about receiving care, we offer sedation dentistry options to calm anxiety and make procedures go faster. 

We also make it easier to get that appointment in the first place with convenient online scheduling that you can make ahead of time. You can even pay your bill online with our simple-to-use portal, eliminating the need for calls or checks and helping us be a more sustainable practice. In other words, our Morningside Park dental office makes it easy to get here and comfortable to be here.