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Wisdom Membership Plan

We understand that many patients avoid the dentist because of the costs they think are associated with a healthy mouth. If you don’t have insurance, dentistry can feel like a luxury, but at Morningside Dental Care, we have created our own Wisdom Membership Plan. For just $360 a year, you can save big on the common treatments and procedures that patients receive. This is an excellent alternative to traditional dental insurance and can help you and your family stay smiling big for years to come! Give our New York, NY office a call today to inquire and sign up!

Excellent Care

We believe in providing quality dental care to help each patient reach and maintain a healthy smile!

Convenient Times

Our appointment schedule gives each patient options that allow them to keep up on their dental care!

Advanced Technology

More advanced than ever before, the technology we offer allows us to best serve each and every patient!



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