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Why Do Stars Think It’s OK To Sell Soda


I read this article last week about Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Brittney Spears and their participation in ad campaigns  of sodas and other products that are harmful to our health, however, they create great profit to the celebrities who endorse these brands.  It makes me question what are our core beliefs as a nation?  Are we going to remain true to our core beliefs, or does that take a back seat when it comes to making money?  I understand that we live in the United States of America, in this great consumer driven economy, but, what if we stayed true to our core beliefs?  What if celebrities aligned their core beliefs with opportunities for making money?  I think our country would look a bit different now.  But to take that personally, what if we as consumers stuck to our own core beliefs and thought a bit deeper prior to making our purchases, to ensure that it aligned with what we know is healthy and good for us as individuals and for our families?   Imagine what our country, our nation would look like.  I think we would see less obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and a much healthier nation.  I think too often we make decisions because we see everyone else doing it, and quite frankly because of the convenience.  To take back our power and to improve our health, we must not always choose the easy way.  Sometimes should make harder choices and taking the more difficult road, which in fact, may take longer, make you more tired and can be quite lonely, but the scenery along the way is beautiful, and when you get to the finish line, it will be all the more rewarding!

Ok, that’s the philosophical portion of this blog.  What does this article have to do with teeth?  Well, it’s all about teeth.  Well, the obvious, eating too much sugar increases your risk of cavities.  Do you ever look at the perfect smiles of the stars and think well, if they were truly ingesting all of  the sodas they are selling, what would their smiles look like?  Probably a lot of holes, dark spaces, and red inflamed gums.  It would not a pretty sight.  A cosmetic dentist would be necessary to fix the broken teeth that were created by drinking all of those sodas.  What about the periodontal disease/diabetes link.  Are you aware that there is a high correlation between gum disease and diabetes.  Did you know that if you treated the periodontal disease, the diabetes improves.  Oftentimes, it is your dentist, your first line of defense who can spot that you may have a problem with diabetes.  Dentists are definitely crucial as they assist in managing the diabetes.

What are your core beliefs pertaining to your health?  Take a close look at the sodas, juices and other sugary drinks you consume.  How many sugars do put in your coffee or tea and how often do you drink them?  Just by really evaluating your consumption of sugary beverages and making the choice to drink fewer  of these drinks, dilute them with water, reduce the sugars in your diet.  You are making a conscious choice to be healthier, your teeth will be protected and more beautiful.  It may be a bit lonelier as your co-workers are routinely consuming the unhealthy beverages, but it will certainly be more rewarding, starting with easier dental visits to improved overall total health!

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