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Holistic Dentistry in New York, NY

Your smile’s health directly affects your general well-being, making a holistic approach essential for dental care. At Morningside Dental Care, we focus on supporting your complete health with dedicated services and thorough education. It is Dr. Donna William’s goal to have every patient understand how underlying health concerns are caused by genetics, diet, and hygiene habits. Our dental team considers your general health their highest priority, providing comprehensive dentistry in New York, NY to achieve wellness and improve your quality of life.

Treating the Whole Patient

As holistic dentists, we are interested in treating the whole patient. Holistic dentists understand that the mouth is an important indicator of overall health. The presence of many diseases can first be detected in the oral cavity. Numerous cases in which diseases of the mouth were treated for a period of time, only to find out in the end that the problem involved the whole body. Likewise, the cure to illnesses in other parts of the body may require repairing broken down teeth, removing harmful mercury fillings, or treatment of gum disease.

Body-Safe Dentistry

When you first visit our practice, we perform a thorough examination and medical history evaluation, allowing us to understand your current oral health and prevent problems in the future. We want our patients to receive dental care that not only addresses pain and improves beauty, but also achieves long-term stability. Ensuring the safety of all procedures and products prior to introducing them into your mouth is a major part of the treatment that holistic dentists perform. Biocompatibility testing (often using applied kinesiology) is a way to make sure that all products introduced into your mouth will cause no harm to you.

Our practice uses premium, biocompatible materials for all treatments, avoiding any harmful substances that can lead to decay or other dental problems down the road. Those who have mercury amalgam fillings can trust us to remove them properly, eliminating their negative health effects. Our body-safe treatments ensure a stronger and more natural looking smile, one that functions as it should.

Advice to Help You Stay Healthy

Critical to the success of all the therapy you will receive is nutrition. Our office takes this quite seriously. Success of any holistic plan necessitates an evaluation of any possible recommendations of dietary modification and supplementation as needed. Holistic dentists perform all traditional dental procedures, including cosmetic dentistry, while improving your overall health. It is our goal to truly make a positive impact on our patients health that is lasting. We are here to help.

Achieve Whole Body Health Today

Where many other practices focus solely on cosmetic dentistry or do not offer quality dental care, our New York, NY dental team provides excellent care that fulfills our patients’ many needs. Families and individuals are welcome to visit our practice, as we offer the full suite of dental treatments necessary at any stage of life. With our multi-disciplined team of dentists and our experienced staff, we can take care of oral health needs ranging from simple to complex, all with a complete health approach. Call us today to schedule your holistic dental appointment!
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