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Morningside Dental Care is the first private dental clinic in Harlem, New York to provide the CBCT x-rays. The CBCT or Cone Beam CT is a medical imaging technique which makes a 3D representation of the tooth, bone, ligaments, and sinuses, etc. With this type of x-ray, we can see the head and neck in remarkable detail, from many different planes of view. The traditional 2 dimensional x-rays have limitations on the accuracy of diagnosis. Our Green Vatech CBCT is environmentally friendly, and, offers ultra-low dose radiation which minimizes unnecessary radiation exposure to patients


What it means for you

With the CBCT machine, we are able to better assess different angles of your mouth as well as the surrounding areas that can be affected by whatever treatment you recommend. The CBCT allows us to see areas of concern that don't show up on traditional x-rays. The CBCT is useful to assess impacted teeth, dental implant placement, review dental pathology, trauma, assess the TMJ joint, and evaluate the airway to treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

We are better able to visualize the bones in your jaw so that when placing implants, we can make fewer incisions. We are able to have a more accurate placement of the implants, as well as to better determine the quality of the bone prior to placing.

The CBCT can more easily diagnose infections of root canal teeth, and help us see additional canals that the 2- dimensional x-ray cannot see, which can mean a better prognosis for root canal treatment.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a significant health issue in the United States. 80% of moderate to severe OSA cases remain undiagnosed. The CBCT x-ray can more clearly determine the source of the obstruction of your airway so that we can provide more accurate treatment.

We are able to see the TMJ, and for our patients with TMJ pain, it allows us to give a more accurate diagnosis, and therefore provide improved treatment.

We work in concert with a radiologist and have been able to detect sinus blockages, blockages of your arteries in your head and neck, and other potential health issues. As Complete Health Dentists, our goal is to improve the care for your teeth while improving your overall total health. Our CBCT provides us the means to significantly ensure that your overall health is being addressed.



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