Reset Your Engines!

My staff will tell you that I harass them to death, towards the end of the year, as I challenge them to join me at the New York Road Runner’s Midnight Run in Central Park each year.  This was my 5th year running in this very exciting, but not well known event.  I find it very energizing to start the year off, in the healthiest of ways with a crisp, 4 mile run with thousands  of other New Yorkers, in costume, or not, to bring in the New Year.  We know, that holding ourselves to resolutions  we make at the first of the year can be very challenging.  Making promises to yourself,  and, making changes in your lifestyle, takes some commitment .  Well, on that earliest of mornings, at the very first of the year, resetting my engines, guarantees that you have at least started your year off right.  Now, I have to continue to commit to healthier living.  Regular jogs in the morning seems to be working quite nicely.  What fell by the wayside – the 3 x a week blogging I had committed to :(!

It is how I feel about achieving a healthier lifestyle.  We try and make commitments to improved health.  The best of us do.  Don’t give up, just celebrate were you are, congratulate yourself on what went well; re-evaluate what did not go so well and try and figure out a plan to make things work better next time.  Reset your engines, and, let’s get going!

To my Morningside Dental Care staff, I will be looking for you at the starting lines December 31, 2014.  Here’s to your health!


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