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Boston Marathon

Go Boston!

It is hard not to feel shocked and saddened about the events that happened at the Boston Marathon just 2 days ago.  As a newbie…

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The Strawberry and Basil Martini

I am having dinner at Ristorante Settepani in Harlem observing people sitting at the table nearby enjoying their food, laughing, discussing, talking and just having…

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Dentistry of the Future

There are dentists who are tooth mechanics and gum gardeners, and there are also dentists who evaluate the entire body and evaluate the relationship between…

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Kissing Trivia Question

Here are some True or False questions.  Do you know the answers? T/F     The Science of kissing is called philematology T/F    …

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Candy Wrappers

I figured that before I post too many blogs giving my insight about dentistry and thoughts I have, I also must make confessions of my own…

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