Can 1 yogurt = 1 soda?

I have to say that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial soda ban, really hit home to so many due to the rising obesity epidemic that we have in this country.  First, I want to point out, that not only is there an increased incidence of obesity and diabetes, there also is an increased incidence in tooth decay and periodontal disease.  Research even shows that the high fructose corn syrup consumption in sodas may actually cause you to age more rapidly.    I think, as most people have reasoned, that though the mayor’s  intention is a good one, it really doesn’t address to any real measure, the totality of incidences that we find sugar in our diet, the hidden sugars.

When we ban large soft drinks, but kids still are able to enjoy a ketchup on their fries and hot dogs, do we pay attention to the fact that ketchup has 8% more sugar than ice cream?  What about the hot dog bun?  Most commercial baked goods, even those without a visible hint of sugar, are laden with hidden sugars.  Almost all processed foods are rich in hidden sugars.

When you go to your supermarket, thinking you are choosing the healthier option of a yogurt, think again.  The “fruit on the bottom” of a carton of yogurt contains up to nine teaspoons of sugar, almost the same as in a can of soda.  Peanut butter and most cereals are laden with sugars.  The best means of combating this obesity/dental disease epidemic is to read the labels before making a purchase.

Banning large sodas may seem like a good idea, but if manufactures are still able to inundate our food with hidden sugars, is it really going to make a difference?

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